Представительство SAUTER в России

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Центр приемов и культурный центр "Пирамида", Казань

Центр приемов и культурный центр "Пирамида", Казань

Cultural Establishments, Entertainment



Центр приемов и культурный центр



Казань, Россия


Информация о объекте

This leisure and cultural centre is undoubtedly more than just another building. It is in fact a world in miniature with offices, a nightclub, cafe, bar and restaurant, a cinema, ten bowling alleys, a casino, beauty salon and dental practice. A small world providing more than the often harsh reality of life in Russia can offer.



Only the latest technology would suffice for the centre’s operating system, including all important facilities and installations, such as the building management system, the central tannoy with live broadcast and the multi channel satellite system, etc. A Sauter EY3600 building management system (111 automation stations) regulates and monitors the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, power supply and lighting, as well as contributing to the energy management system.


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning System

EY3600 system with 784 data points, 74 automation stations

Energy Management

EY3600 system with 1093 data points, 12 automation stations


EY3600 system with 948 data points, 25 automation stations


Management level: