Представительство SAUTER в России

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Центральный выставочный зал "МАНЕЖ", г.Москва

Центральный выставочный зал "МАНЕЖ", г.Москва

Cultural Establishments, Entertainment



Art, Culture, Exhibition Space


City of Moscow


Москва, Россия


Информация о объекте

The Manege is a two-storey building measuring 300m x 85m. The engineer, Augustin Betancourt, constructed the building and the wooden beams in the roof are of particular architectonic interest.


Only the walls were left standing after a fire broke out on 14 March 2004. A complete reconstruction of the building took just under a year. The Manege reopened on 26 April 2005.


The architectonic features of the building limit the scope for installing technical facilities. Some ventilation units, for instance, are installed in sections between supporting structures. The ventilation system regulates the temperature, humidity and ventilation rate.



the EY3600 novaPro building management system processes more than 500 data points.



Management level:

EY3600 novaPro Open