Представительство SAUTER в России

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Большой Кремлевский Дворец

Большой Кремлевский Дворец

Cultural Establishments, Entertainment



Government Seat


Russian Federation


Moscow, Russia


Информация о объекте

The Kremlin in Moscow is one of the world’s best known cultural landmarks. The famous Kremlin building is the Grand Kremlin Palace, constructed between 1838 and 1849 on Borovitsky Hill.

In 1999, as the Palace gleamed with renewed splendour, our building management system was reliably fulfilling its tasks inside.


At the end of 1997 it had been decided that the building management system would consist of a LZ4 ProVi+ with Sauter substations and field equipment throughout the whole building.



Management level:

EY2400 LZ4 ProVi+