Представительство SAUTER в России

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Football, athletics, ice hockey, concerts …
Stadiums, or arenas as they are now increasingly called, have one thing in common: a location for both sporting and cultural events.

Spectators, whose numbers generally reach several thousand, want to be close to the action and enter into the emotional spirit of the event. Comfort cannot be undercut. A stadium’s infrastructure is manifold: kiosks, restaurants, office space, conference rooms, pressrooms and shopping centres. Guests and visitors expect to find comfortable surroundings so their trip to the stadium or arena is a pleasant and memorable experience.

This all places demanding requirements on modern building management. Guests and visitors expect to find exceptional comfort and ideal conditions. Energy efficiency and safety also play an important role in stadiums and arenas.

Complete solutions are needed in which the heating, ventilation and air conditioning units are combined into one system with other applications, including energy and alarm management, controlled access, fire protection, telecommunications and information technology, as well as linking non-Sauter systems to the building management system.

Our open systems provide ideal solutions that are fully adaptable to individual requirements.

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